How Should Schools Offer Fast Food Items In Schools

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Fast Food Items in Schools Some students hate lunch food and they would rather have some McDonalds or some Chick-Fil-A. Schools should offer fast food because students would actually eat well at lunch, students will learn how to be responsible, and the school will make money for selling the fast food.
First, students would actually eat the food and not starve themselves because the food at lunch tastes really nasty. For example, in a school called the Holub Middle School, they serve “fried chicken” but once the students bite into the chicken, they get a mouth full of something else. The chicken is not even fried, the school receives its frozen and they just put it in the oven. The school should just bring Chick-Fil-A.
Second, the students will learn how to be responsible because they will have a choice to eat the fast food. The fast food is a little unhealthy so they would be given the choice to eat the fast food or just eat the healthier food that they serve at the school lunch.
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With the money that the school makes, they can buy better technology for the students like computers, tablets, e-readers, etc. People think that it’s not good to sell fast food at schools mostly because it affects the student’s health. That’s why it has some advantages like the students will actually eat the food, students will learn how to be more responsible, and the school will make money out of
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