How Significant Was Gustaf V's Role In The Midsummer Crisis Of 1941?

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An investigation trying to answer:

How significant was Gustaf V’s role in the Midsummer Crisis of 1941 in Sweden?
Did the Swedish government make the decision on their own to accept Germany’s requests concerning Operation Barbarossa or where they afraid of an abdiction threat from their own king if they denied? A. Plan of Investigation This investigation assess the significance of Oscar Gustaf Adolf’s (Gustaf V) in the Midsummer crisis of 1941. In order evaluate Gustaf’s significance, the investigation will look upon his role in each stage of the crisis and his relevance to the actions taken in reference to other participants of this crisis. Gustaf’s role is investigated from the initial days of the event, from the private meeting between him, the Swedish foreign minister and the prime minister to the final verdict: Where Gustaf himself gave Germany permission to travel through Sweden’s neutral land with the infantry division Engelbrecht. Two sources that are used in the essay, the book Gustaf V och andra världskriget, written by Eric Carlsson and Per Albin och Kriget book by Alf W. Johansson are evaluated for their origins, purposes, values and limitations.
The investigation will not go in depth about Sweden’s relations to any countries or alliances nor mentioning ideologies of the nations invovled.
B. Summary of Evidence
The Midsummer crisis of 1941 started when Sweden were informed that Germany had initated Operation Barbarossa upon Soviet Union the 22nd of June

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