How Smoking Affects The Human Body Essay

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How Does Smoking Affect the Human Body? According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1.1 billion people smoke. China produces and buys the most cigarettes world wide. Many non-smokers are left wondering why with all the research done on the effects of smoking, a lot of people still smoke. There is no such thing as safe cigarettes. Smoking is harmful and a leading contributor to hundreds of deaths around the world. However, people feel good when they smoke cigarettes. How does smoking cigarettes affect the human body? First of all, nicotine is one of the chemicals in tobacco products which contains over 4,000 amounts of chemicals. They are full of nicotine in tobacco that is used in cigarettes. Nicotine is a powerful, highly…show more content…
Among the many types of cancers, lung cancer is one of the most common diseases that smoking can cause. Inhaling cigarette smoke that is full of cancer-cause substances like carcinogens, which includes tar, causes lung cancer. Tar is brown, syrupy substance that contains poisons according to ‘Drugs’. Those substances may change the tissue (Human body tissue is made up with groups of cells which have similar structure that are working along for the function in human body) in the lungs quickly and when cigarette smoke passes through the lungs, it leaves tar. Although, the body produces mucus to prevent the effects of tar, it can block the way of the air that goes into the body and out and lung. Then it starts to work improperly as it gets damage. At the first stage, the human body will repair the damage from cigarette smoke. However, as it repeats again and again, the cells that line up the lungs gradually gets damage and finally lung cancer may occur. Doctors divide lung caner into two groups depending on appearance of lung cancer cells. Those are ’Small cell lung cancer’ and ‘Non-Small cell’. Small cell lung caner mostly occurs to heavy
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