How Social Media Affect Teenagers

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Since social media came around , there’s have been a decrease in real-life conversations , More people are building a relationship online and drifting away from the real world. It's starting to cause a lack of face to face communication.Teenagers don't even pay attention to the outside world or their surroundings when they’re on their phones.You get easily distracted when you are on your phone. Also technology causes you to miss out on your sleep and losing sleep have negative effects on your brain. It causes you to lose brain tissue and if you do not get your 7 hours of sleep you might suffer from bad moods.While Teenagers feel that social media is more important than the real world. The internet has a negative effect on social media because it can take over brain cells , become more addictive and teenagers spend more time on social media than having…show more content…
“Social media and text messages that have become so integral to teenagers life , are promoting anxiety and lower self esteem” (Rachel Ehmke is managing editor at the Child Mind Institute. “How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers.” Child Mind Institute, Modern teens tends to have an massive amount of self esteem when dealing with social sites especially girls. Girls compare they self to other girls , they tend to do this because they feel they are not prettier or popular like others.Young people have an tendency into having a perfect body, Teens will look at pictures of models or most pictures that are photoshopped and that makes a person want to maintain a “perfect body” that would get teens to think that they need to hit the gym to look like the models. This will disorder people thoughts and feelings about themselves. Teenagers tends to look at the bad side of them and not look at the good side. They also might feel insecure about themselves. Social sites will really affect everybody in a bad way they
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