How Social Media Affects Interpersonal Communication

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Review of Related Literatures and Studies Valensia (2015) discussed how social media affects interpersonal communication through an article. According to her, teenagers in the 21st Century are too attached in social media. Eventually, they did not notice that it makes difference on how they are communicating with others. Due to the daily activities that made people occupied at all times and prevent them from communicating with other people personally, social media enters our world and allows people to communicate through chat with their acquaintances and also to their relatives that are far from them.In social media, people can create dummy accounts that imitate someone and also hide their true personality. That 's why interpersonal communication is the best way to show to others who we really are and know the real personality of whom you are talking with.
This latter aspect which is social media is linked to the role that it affects the interpersonal communication. The researcher also believed that once students from Grade 12 and the other teenagers understand how social media affects their interpersonal skills, they will be awaken from the fact that social media affects the way they are communicating with others and give importance to their social skills.
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Castillo (2017) discussed how social media change the world through an article. According to him, in our generation today, facebook has become apparent as an instrument that

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