How Social Media Affects People

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Social Media Affects People: Making A Better and Modern Life In the 21st century, the Internet becomes more and more widespread and deeply influences our daily life. As an important part of the Internet, social media plays a significant role and affects every sides of people’s everyday. People are in love with their social media and are using them multiple times a day. According to data, Facebook has more than one billion of registered users around the world. In China, WeChat and Weibo are two most popular social medias. They respectively have 600 million monthly active users and 600 million registered users. Everyday, people around the world use social medias to contact others, obtain information and do some more things. It has a huge potential to be more useful in many sides. Although some people may think social media has some disadvantages, I still strongly believe that social media has huge positive effects to our lives.
First of all, social media is a place where people can contact with anyone in the world. According to Susannah Fox and Lee Rainie (2014), among American adults, there are 87 percent adults using the web, 68 percent connecting to the web with mobile devices, and 90 percent
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Nowadays, the Internet is not only for wealthy but also for civilian. The cost of network is vey cheap and also much cheaper than traditional media. As a result, social media becomes widespread and people like to use it. In addition, using social media is very convenient. Cell phones and mobile devices are prevalent now so that people can use social media on their devices anytime and anywhere. Another important advantage is immediate. Others can receive your message as soon as you sent it. Under the fast pace of life, this point is particularly important for all of us. Therefore, these are why many people use social media to connect with people they care
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