How Sports Affect Students

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There will never be a definite explanation of how sports affect students, but I hope this helps others understand sports in our own environments. I was talking to one of my family friends and we were discussing our schools and what classes we were taking this year. We ended up talking about what sports we were going to participate in. I had told them that I was doing Cross Country and track because I was pretty good at running. They had a look of shock on their face when I said I was doing multiple sports. They explained that where they went to school there weren’t a lot of sports and most people didn 't play any. I couldn 't believe it that some people didn 't play sports at all. At Northgate, you’re looked at differently if students didn 't play a sport. I thought about this, when did sports become the main culture at schools? Why do we as a culture treat athletics better than academics? I was talking to my friend, Joey Anders about his new school Clayton Valley. He told me he wanted to go to Northgate but his parents put him in Clayton Valley. They did this because, Joeys a good basketball player and they want him to be at a school with a better basketball team. I was astounded. How could someone 's…show more content…
I still don 't know a lot about how are sports affecting students. Questions still lingering in my head are, how are sports in other schools besides Northgate ike? What are sports in other countries like? What do sports do to your mind? Can sports make students study better? Do sports make learning easier? What is the best sport to play to be a healthy student? My questions would fit into mainly four sub-groups. How do sports affect your brain? How do sports in the rest of world integrate into schools? Why in the United States, do we live in a mainly sports culture? What can sports teach besides athletics? I am curious to find out the answers to my questions even though some won 't have exact
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