How Stupid I Am Essay

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How Stupid I am and Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Accept Me Dear admission officer, I know it will be a boring essay for you if I tell you about how sad my life is and I didn’t want to brag about how brilliant I am either. So, to catch your attention, I have decided to write an essay about how stupid I am and reasons why you shouldn’t accept me into your school. In my first semester on primary school, I was ranked 48th out of 60 students but surprisingly, I was 15th the next semester and 7th in my third semester. Since then I keep improving myself until now on my last year of senior high school, I am the first in my class. I don’t mean to show off but I can’t really resist the temptation because I worked my way out all the way from the bottom to this point. I’m not brilliant, my intelligence isn’t innate then why should you have me as student in your school? Secondly, in my school, all students with good grades will be offered to be moved into international classes where studying is being conducted bilingually which is in Indonesian and in English. A student can only be offered this opportunity twice for the whole 3 years of senior high school. I was offered this chance twice but I rejected both of them. People say it is stupid decision. I make poor decision then why admit me into your school?…show more content…
Every football lover’s dream is to be a football player and so do I. Somehow, I’m a really bad football player that all my teammates said that I was a “black hole” in their team. I am the weakest point on the field that our opponent can exploit and take an advantage of. I rarely got passes from my teammates because they simply didn’t trust me. I was a joke in their eyes and I it crushed my confidence. I hesitated a lot and mess things up. I was unwanted in that team. Everyone seems trying to get rid of me. They mocked me, make jokes of me and humiliated me. I’m such a loser then why give this
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