How Successful Is The Declaration Of Independence?

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Declaration of Independence Where would we be today if it wasn’t for the Declaration of Independence? The Declaration of Independence is the start to the United States of America. The Declaration broke us away from England and was the start to America’s own path. There were many events that happen around the drawing up of the Declaration, but didn’t stop them from going through with the Declaration. The Declaration has to be the most important document of history and put us where we are today because of it, this document changed history forever. The author of the document was Thomas Jefferson. Congress picked Thomas Jefferson to write the document. Congress also picked a committee to construct why the colonies wanted to be not associated with England anymore. First, off he went into that all men have equal rights in the Declaration. These three things were “Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness” (Foner 2014 pg. A-19). Then next was that the thirteen colonies were no longer involved with England. Finally, Jefferson wrote about how the power should come from the people, not just one person like a…show more content…
“The Declaration changed forever the meaning of American freedom” (Foner 2014 pg. 197). The Declaration started the fight for Independence and to get out from under the King. Also the document made the thirteen colonies come together and fight for their independence. During the submission of the Declaration there was a war already going on between England and the colonies from enormous taxes without the colonist approving of them, housing England soldiers without a choice. They also had the outbreak of war in 1775, England’s corrupt society, falsely accusing people of crimes and not getting a trail which they deserved. Did Thomas Jefferson think of the whole document on his own or were there other documents that contributed to the Declaration of
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