How Successful Was Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal?

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How Successful was Franklin.D Roosevelt’s New Deal?
What is known to us all is that the Great Depression of 1929 was one of the worst time periods in American history. Although the laissez-faire capitalism brought the economic prosperity, earnings for farmers and industrial workers fell. While this represented lower production costs for companies, it also precluded growth in consumer demand. Thus, by the mid 1920s the ability of most Americans to purchase new automobiles, new house and other durable goods was beginning to weaken.
With the crisis of the 1929 Great Depression, President Roosevelt implemented a New Deal policy to reform the United States. Roosevelt’s New Deal policy is an important event of the 20th century in American history, it has great influence on American and the whole world as well.
First and foremost, rectifying the financial system. Roosevelt ordered the bank to close temporarily, the government provide bank loan and subsidy. Only in this way can restore the bank’s credit. In addition, left the gold standard, practice the value of the dollar. Forbid the export of gold, in order to strengthen the commodity market competition ability in the world. The administration adopted a policy of moderate currency inflation to start an upward movement in commodity prices and to afford some relief to debtors.
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It relaxed the economic crisis, made some concessions to the working people, stopped the nation from collapsing and especially prevented the U.S. From becoming a fascist state such as Germany, Italy and Japan. The Roosevelt Government carried out a progression foreign policy against fascist aggression and wars. Meanwhile, the New Deal restored the confidence of the American people in their government. They retained their belief in democracy at a time when, in Europe, democracy was facing major challenges from far-right, anti-democratic

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