How Successful Was Reconstruction Dbq

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Reconstruction Reconstruction was the time after the Civil War. During the Reconstruction era, our country faced many different challenges. There were multiple failures of Reconstruction, but there were also many successes. It was also a time with many differences and divisions. Many changes happened during the period of Reconstruction. One of the major changes was segregation. Segregation was when white and black people were forced to be separated. Many organizations made life harder for black people. Some of these organizations made freedom even harder than being a captive slave. The Klu Klux Klan and the White League were some of the groups that caused terror among colored people (Doc 5). Another major change was the South’s economy. In the South, many people, businesses, and local governments fell into debt. This dragged down the South’s economy and made it rough for those who lived there. It became so hard for families to make money after the war that many moved away (Doc 6). Also, another major change was the education. Before African Americans were freed, they …show more content…

Many people were granted amnesty, many positive organizations were created, and the South started to rebuild itself. The Freedmen’s Bureau was definitely a great organization that assisted African Americans in adjusting to freedom. Another major success of Reconstruction was how African Americans became a part of our government. Although they weren’t in our government for a long time, this was still a step towards earning the respect they deserved. Roughly two thousand African Americans held offices in various places all the way up to the United States Senate. Lastly, black people were finally allowed access to an education. This was a massive step because before the Civil War, slaves were not allowed to learn to read, write, or have any form of education. Now that they were allowed, they could use their education to get jobs and make a

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