How Successful Was The Second Continental Congress

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There were many reasons that the Second Continental congress declared independence from Great Britain. Life in the colonies was great, at first, soon after Great Britain started creating crazy amounts of taxes to support the mother country. In the year 1776 the Second Continental Congress officially declared independence from Great Britain. The first thing that Great Britain did to the colonies is they created the Navigational Acts. The Navigational Acts were a set of laws to make sure that Great Britain would profit from trade instead of any other country. The downside to The Navigational Acts were that the colonies were still relying on Britain. There were already taxes set on so many things; stamp act, sugaring act, quartering act, and…show more content…
The sugar act put taxes on sugar and molasses that was imported into the colonies. This act affected the construction of rum in New England. The Sugar act was unfair to the colonists because The second thing that made the Second Continental Congress want to break from Great Britain were all the Acts, specifically the intolerable acts. The intolerable were a set of acts set in place in order to punish those who had taken part of the Boston Tea Party. One of the intolerable acts was the Quebec Act. After the intolerable acts the colonies decided to come together to discuss the intolerable acts. They met in Philadelphia where twelve of thirteen colonies showed up. The congress was held in 1774. At the first continental congress the colonists were mostly all still loyal to the king and came to the congress thinking there must be some misunderstanding, they weren’t thinking about declaring independence from Great Britain at this point in time. The last thing that the continental congress decided that they would do before they headed there own ways that if their ambition wasn’t met that they would meet back for a second continental congress, May
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