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Why Supernatural is Prevalent There are substantial movies, TV shows and books about vampires, zombies or witches in the modern society, but the 21st century is the era with rapid development of science and technology, so why the superstitious topic, like supernatural, is prevalent? The vampire stories are popular from the 19th century; however, people still have a strong interest in it now. According to “Vampires Never Die”, the authors claim that people’s perpetual craving for vampires is due to the desire of being young eternally so that they portray vampires to be a good looking and undead monster. It shows that people are eager to have charming appearance and keep the life forever; in other words, people use vampire to express their…show more content…
Except for vampire, zombie is another popular theme in the big screen or TV shows, like Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, etc. Zombies embody people’s great fear or anxiety about the future because we’re living in the very uncertain times with plenty of terrorist attacks, climate changing and natural disasters. While worrying about what will happen in the future, people still think about how to survive if the apocalypse really comes. Then it is easy to explain the big success of The Walking Dead, for it exhibits how people would act in a survivalist situation. On the other hand, zombie is the reflection of ourselves; for example, James Parker states that “here zombiedom seems to germinate through a fog of hangovers, Monday television, lapses in conversation” (345). People are too busy to enjoy life, pursuing fancy cars, a bigger house, job promotions, or being obsessed with parties, alcohol or drugs, just like zombies toward the fresh human flesh. Thus, people are still crazy about zombie stories for the reason that zombies show our worries about future and the criticism of

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