How Surgery Affected My Life

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One of the most significant events in my life was when I had to get surgery on my back, right on top of my tailbone. Having surgery has affected every part of my life, and even though it happened over three years ago, it still has an impact on me. During the Thanksgiving Break of my freshman year of High School was when I found out what was happening to me, I was at a family dinner with a horrible pain on my back. Going through the actual process of getting ready for the surgery was long and complicated, especially since I had to wait till the school year ended because I would have missed over three months of school. After the actual surgery I was in bed all day and was unable to get up except for doctor appointments. During Thanksgiving break I had a very sharp pain on my lower back. At first I thought it was because I had been standing for so long.…show more content…
Having this made doing things difficult, during this time I was on my school’s dance team and because of it I was not able to keep being on the dance team, so I had to quit. Even completing simple things such as sit-up and dancing on a chair was painful at times. I was also not able to participate in gym because it could have made the situations worse. After a couple of month they told me everything was fine. However, in late March early April the same thing started happening again. I started getting the sharp pains once again. Before anything got worse I went to the doctors again. They told me that the pilonidal cyst returned, and gave me the worst news ever. They said that if I did not get surgery that I might develop cancer because of it. Hearing this made everything worst. I was worried about what happened and wanted to get the surgery as soon as possible, but the doctors said that I should wait for school to end because I would be bed ridden for a couple of months after
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