How Does Technology Affect People's Creativity And Communication?

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The impact of technology in our daily lives is endless. We use technology every day but technically technology is not as new as we thought it is. For instance, if we have a smart phone, we can still interpret that it is only a new and improve transformation of an ordinary mobile phone from the past. Another example is a train. We used to ride steam powered trains but now we ride electronic trains to get to another place faster. Technology has definitely evolved, yet it finds superannuated ways and technologies from the past to become what it is today. We use technology every day, in order to complete our tasks such as assignments and school projects. So, how can technology affect people’s creativity and communication? Technology sparks creative innovation in a workplace. Technology encourages workers to utilise technology to create a creative work environment. Technology has also sparks creativity during movies production. As an example, people use special effects to make a movie more interesting. Before technology has become of…show more content…
According to an article called ‘Then vs. Now: How Technology Has Progressed Through The Years’ which was written by Chris Bourne on 13th March 2014, he stated, “Before Twitter and Facebook has ever been created, people used to socialise in places with others outside of the house. Now, social networks are becoming ingrained in our daily lives from promoting business to arranging a get together with friends and everything in- between. Social networks will only continue to grow in the future”. During the days when smart phones have yet to exist, people depend on public phones to communicate with others but now, after the existence of smart phones, people can carry it around with them to anywhere and they can use it anytime they want. Before technology, it is difficult for us to meet with new people but now, we can easily make new friends from around the world using neoteric

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