How Technology Affects Me Research Paper

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Sports are a big part of todays world, but not quite big enough. As technology has started taking over the latest generation, many people forget the important 's of being active and involved in sports. Many teens now and days waste all of their time on their phones or video games. I believe now is a great time to get teens to start playing more sports and forget about the technology. Me being an athlete myself, can say that playing sports has changed my life in the best way possible. Sports are so much than just competition, playing sports is a way you get to express yourself. Through playing sports you can meet so many new people, and you can learn so many new things. I have gotten the wonderful opportunity to make amazing friends through playing sports, and I am forever thankful for that. The sport I play is softball, and I play or a travel team in Phoenix name the AZ Killer Bees. Being apart of this team has really helped me grow as a…show more content…
If you go into a sport with a bad attitude, or thinking you 're better than everyone, chances are you aren 't. There are a lot of players who come in with a terrible attitude, and they don 't end up getting very much playing time because they don 't listen. If you are playing on a team you have to be able to get along with others, including the coaches. Everyone is there for the same reason, so why don 't you all have fun. A big issue in sports is players who dont listen to the coaches... The coaches are only there to help you, not hurt you. It really upsets me when players are disrespectful to the coaches. The coaches come on their free time to help you out, and chances are they know what they are doing or they wouldn 't be there. If you can 't handle what the coaches are trying to help you with, then why are you even on the team? Which bring us into our next subject, if you don 't like the sport you play, or the coaches you have, then why are
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