Essay On The Role Of Technology In Our Life

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In a world that is forever evolving and changing, technology has impacted our lives in countless ways. Over the years as technology become common or better, more and more people are using it in their lives. Although some of them are addicted to it, others are only using it once in a while, but still we all have used it. The technology has helped and improved our lives in so many ways and also made our life easier. But technology has not just impacted our lives and society in a good way, it has also hurt our society in many ways as well. The positive and negative impacts of technology has on our daily lives, but it has to depend on how we use it. First of all, we know that the technology has helped us a lot on getting new knowledge and information. The technology lets us access to more information and we can learn about the world around us. We can use the internet to access libraries, encyclopedias and other information sources from anywhere. I think the Internet is a very useful tool for study because students can get a lot of the information from it. Besides getting knowledge, we can also see what else is happening around the world, even though we are just sitting in our house. Nowadays, we use the Internet to access news archives and it can keep us updated with the latest information. Also, the technology makes all of the people to…show more content…
The technology has impacted our lives in many ways, either in how it improved the quality of our life or helped poor to become rich or even hurt our society. The technology is making our society become more materialistic and finally the cell phone is destroying us in many ways. So now, we have to wake up, do not wait until the day when the technology changed what we do or even changed who we are. Let us control our future by ourselves and not to control by the
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