How Technology Stimulates And Technology

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Technology stimulates my imagination. Technology is also fun, because you learn more, and can experience more on computers, because computer is Technology. You can apply for jobs, and schools using technology. There is all type of technology. That’s all the world be on. A phone, computer, tablet, watches, cameras, JPs, Xbox, headphones, heaters, robots, TV, these are all technology Devices. We use and watch these things 24/7 which means 7 days a week, and 24hrs each day. My First time being introduced to technology was in the 1st grade. My mother bought me a laptop so I could do my school work. I got on my laptop every day after school. I not only did that, but I also played games on my computer. It was fun playing on the laptop. I, enjoyed it, but it was really for work, but you know I had a little free time. I’m just in love with technology now.

Do I enjoy working with a team to build mousetrap cars, Balsawood bridges, and water bottle rockets? Well see this is how it is I never worked on rocket bottles, mouse trap cars, or Balsawood bridges, but I enjoy building robots with a team, because I learn something new every time I build a robot, and we also get more done if we work as a team, and don’t play around the whole time you building this robot. Everyone has to participate in order for you to get the work done you need done, and also get the grade you want to get. Its best for you to do the work complete it get a good grade and be done with it, then just sit play
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