How The Atomic Bomb Changed Human History

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“[T]he world was never to be the same again.” (Stein 27) The dropping of the atom bomb on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a monumental event that changed the course of human history. The atom bomb was built and developed to help end World War II and it did accomplish that goal by causing the surrender of the Japanese. (Editors of Encyclopaedia par.7) However, the development and use of the atomic bomb opened an era where anyone and everyone was at potential risk of destruction and the survival of the entire human race held hostage to the disputes between international superpowers. An Atomic Bomb is a weapon, or explosive, cause by a quick release of energy from the splitting of the nuclei. Elements like uranium or plutonium are used in the bomb. (Editors of Encyclopaedia par.1) During the development of the atom bomb the United States was in World War II. America kept the development of the bomb secret because Germany was ahead of them on building the Atomic bomb. ( Roleff 56) The United States kept the creation of the bomb very top secret. They kept some of the most famous scientist in the world in one place for three years. They also had and created three hidden cities, that know one ,but the most…show more content…
The first self sustained nuclear chain reaction occurred in 1942 in an abandoned squash court at the University of Chicago. (Roleff 46) Enrico Fermi was the head of the project. Without the chain reaction the Atomic Bomb would never of been built. (Stein 15) Another historical event in the development of the bomb is the first successful atomic bomb. It was tested in July 16, 1945 in Los Alamos. (Stein 3) The code name for the tester bomb was called “Trinity”. (Stein 4) August 6th and 9th were the days of the bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (Gonzales 117) The bombs killed 150,000 ,but in the months that followed many more thousand died. (Roleff
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