How The Causes Of Social Changes In The Social Riots

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1947 - Leo Wang

Social Changes - Riots
1947 was “The Year of Strikes” as more than 300 strikes and work stoppages by thousands of workers from various companies had took place and the first incident happened on 22 January, where two-thirds of the workers from the Municipal Labour force had struck work. These riots took place because people were unsatisfied with the British rule as conditions were extremely harsh in Singapore after the Japanese Occupation although there was peace. Many problems were faced as the results of the war after the British had returned such as overcrowded living conditions, shortages of food, electricity and water, disruption of telecommunication services, unemployment, lack of housing, poor sanitation, lack of health services, etc. The people all thought that the British did not put much effort in improving the situations in Singapore. Later on in the year, the situation had worsened by the interference of Communists. They used the British as a scapegoat to all problems and encouraged workers to join trade unions to fight for better pay and working conditions.
Below is a cartoon published in The Straits Times in July 1947. This cartoon clearly portrays the harsh living conditions in Singapore at that time as the prices of basic necessities such as rents, flour, sugar and bread had increased and the man, who represents the public, is really troubled that he can’t even fall asleep. This again emphasises the reasons of those riots that had taken

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