How The Family Struggles In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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In the domestic tragedy play, A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, describes how a family is dealing with financial expenses. The expenses are outrageous because Lena, also known as Mama, has a daughter named Beneatha and attends medical school while the family is paying for the house. The family wants to move into a nicer house, and they work hard to get there. Mama is expecting a ten thousand dollar check inherited by her husband that had died. The father, Walter, wants to buy a liquor store and to finally be in control, but the wife, Ruth, and, Mama, do not want him to. Walter and Ruth all of a sudden start fighting because he thinks nobody in the house listens to him but soon realizes she is pregnant during these fights. She is stressed because of the fighting that, and she is thinking about having an abortion. Walter eventually does get calmed down. Days are go by and he…show more content…
Lindner says “you see our community is made up of people who’ve worked hard as the dickens for years to build up that little community” (Hansberry 1956). Lindner is pointing out these people of the neighborhood of Clybourne Park, and kind of hints early in his conversation, the community is white. This is how it was in the 1950’s, where whites did not like blacks. Lindner then states “people out in the neighborhood, take more of a common interest in the life of the community, when they share a common background” (Hansberry 1956). This is where segregation comes in through the acts of how blacks were mistreated and a social issue back in the 1950’s. This “directly engages segregation struggles in Chicago as a penultimate symbol of black oppression and resistance” (Gorden 212). Gordon explains that the author Hansberry, describes the serious of how serious this was during her time in the fifties and she wanted to bring “local, individual struggles of African Americans” in the story (Gorgen
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