How The Four Characters In Dan Brown's Inferno

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Inferno is the fourth novel which is written by the famous writer, Dan Brown. People in the society really give a positive response since this novel was published. This novel become the first best seller book in the world when it firstly released in the society. Inferno talked more about mysteries where the character of this novel trying to solve it. The characters try to decode the mystery of the Dante’s death mask. In this essay, the writer try to explain about the character, places and also the plot of this novel. In this novel there are twelve characters, as follow: Robert Langdon, Bertrand Zobrist, Sienna Brooks, Elizabeth Sinskey, The Provost, Vayentha, Christoph Bruder, Marta Alvarez, Ignazio, Jonathan Ferris, Ettore Vio, and Mirsat. However from those twelve characters in this novel, there are only three main characters. The first main character is Robert Langdon. Robert Langdon in this novel has a big role, he is a professor of symbol in Harvard University. In this novel, Robert Landon have…show more content…
The places that used in this novel become the background of this novel. The places that used, as follows: Palazzo Vecchio that is located in Florence, St. Basilica, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and also Turkey. In Palazzo Vecchio, Robert Langdon recognize if in Pallazo Vecchio there are the same words on the painting of The Battle of Marchiano. Then, in the St. Basilica, Langdon and Sienna find the Dante’s mask. Langdon and Sienna can find Dante mask because they connected Ignazio’s clue. The clue of Ignazio is paradise 25. From St. Basilica they move again to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is the place where Enrico Dandolo is buried. From Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Sienna run and also yelling something in Turkish. In the Turkish, the head of the Consortium tried to escape from the World Health Organization however he failed, he was caught then by the police of
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