How The Grinch Character Changes

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Have you ever wanted to do something bad to intentionality hurt others feelings, but you later change your mind on the decisions you are making? The authors changes the character 's feelings to demonstrate how a character and how people can change overtime. In the stories "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", "Thank you M 'am", and "the Christmas Carol". The author can using the changing in character in a variety of ways, the author creates a change in writing by changing the characters in the story. The Grinch shows how people can change overtime in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". The Narrator states, "And what happened then, Well... In Who-Ville they say that the Grinch 's heart grew 3 sizes that day" (Seuss) This shows that the Grinch physically changed through the story and was able to give back the Christmas presents he stole back to all the people from Who-Ville. The narrator states, "The Grinch carved the roast beast" (Seuss) This shows that the Grinch became from going to ruining Christmas for others, to cutting food that describes the Christmas year for people from Who-Ville. Not only has he stopped hating Christmas,…show more content…
Scrooge in "The Christmas Carol" shows how much he hates Christmas, and everyone he works with to change to a happy person with the help of others. Scrooge emphasizes, "What a fine day fellow... An Intelligent boy, a remarkable boy." This is a critical part of this novel because this shows Scrooge overcame his dislike of Christmas and his entire disliking of people. Instead of rudely gesturing to people, he is now starting to act nicer, and more mature. Scrooge exclaims, " Come back with the butcher and I 'll give you a shilling. Come back in two minutes and ill give you a crown!" this show Scrooge truly overcoming the was he acts. Scrooge was all about the money- never wanted to share. Ever since the ghost 's from Christmas past, present, and Christmas yet to come, Scrooge was been offering his wealth off to other people who need
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