How The Grinch Stole Christmas Essay

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It was nothing scarier to me than waking up on Christmas morning and your beautiful Christmas tree and toys are gone. My biggest fear when I was a child was the Grinch. I was seven years old when I watched my first scary Christmas movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. I am the baby in my family so the Grinch did not bother my older siblings. I started to have bed dreams about the Grinch and realized he was my worst nightmare. The Grinch had a big effect on me as a child, especially around Christmas time. I did not believe in Santa, but I did believe that it was a heartless monster that would come steal the tree and all the gifts that was under it. On Christmas Eve I will tell my mom to stay up all night to make sure the Grinch did not take our stuff. I was scared to close my eyes for a week straight after Christmas. I told all…show more content…
Parents that put their needs and wants before their child and did not care if they had a good Christmas or not. If that is not selfish than I don’t know what is. It had a big impact on me and I wanted to start giving back to my community. I gave kids a Christmas that their parents could not afford. I went to churches, thrift stores, hospitals and knocked on my neighbors do to pass out toys. Every year when I would think about not passing out gifts, I think of the Grinch and it motivated me to do it. The Grinch having a small heart made me have a bigger one. Kids are my biggest weakness, and Christmas are one of those holidays a child look forward to every year. I love what I do, and the smile on kids’ faces are priceless. I would spend my last dollar just to make a child happy. There is a lot of children that are in hospitals, homeless, shelters and cannot have a Christmas. Even though the Grinch was one of my biggest fears, I am thankful that I got something good out of
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