How The Revolutionary War Changed America

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War is a state of armed conflict that most countries have gone through or are currently going through. The United States has had their fair share of experience with war. Two of the most notable wars that the United States has experienced are the American Revolutionary War and the Civil War. In the Revolutionary War the United States gained independence from Great Britain. In the Civil War America faced an internal battle between the North (Union) and the South (Confederates). Both of these wars played a crucial role in developing the United States of America. Although the Revolutionary War is credited with having the most important impact, the Civil War changed America more significantly, and for the better. The American Revolution (War of Independence) is one of the most crucial wars in American history. The American Revolution had begun as a rebellion, like most situations. The Boston Tea Party is the movement known for being the ‘trigger’ of the rebellion. What most do not realize is that the rebellion came from years and years of build up. There was…show more content…
Americans fought the war with type types of systems: the Continental (national) Army and the state militias. At any given time the American forces seldomly numbered over 20,000. The war was fought by small field armies. The militias were poorly disciplined and had elected officers. They were only summoned for about three months and no longer than that. The Continental Army was originally only supposed to serve for a year but that was slowly extended to three years. Maintaining the army strength was a challenge for them. Many reasons for the troubles maintaining the strength had to do with the colonists’ traditional antipathy towards regular armies, the objection of farmers being away from their fields, the competition of the states with the Continental Congress to keep the men in the militia, and the wretched and uncertain pay in a period of
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