How The Saint Jude's Telethon Changed My Life

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Most four year old girls are glued to the TV watching Disney movies, aspiring to become their favorite princesses. As soon as my mother left the living room on that Saturday morning, with a click of a button, I was on an entirely foreign channel that normally wouldn’t capture a young child’s attention. My eyes fluttered across the screen as images of children without hair were introduced, explaining such a big concept to my little mind. The Saint Jude’s Telethon ran for many hours, making my mother concerned that I was exposed to something so devastating. I refused to let her turn it off even though tears ran down my cheeks. The biggest decision of my life was made on that day and I since haven’t changed my mind. I turned to my mother and…show more content…
I have been competing with my academic team in composition for seven years and have more district and regional titles than I can count. At a state level Governors Cup competition, I placed thirteenth out of over one-hundred other students, proving that I have a talent for writing. Another skill I possess that would add to the Craft Academy and its outstanding selection of students is public speaking and acting. I competed on the speech team in broadcasting and storytelling as a fifth grader and went up against people five years older than me. I won second place in broadcasting at regions and advanced to state semi-finals in both broadcasting and storytelling. Utilizing my love of performing, I started auditioning for high school productions at twelve years old. Since then, I have been a part of many plays and have scored various main roles, then having the capability of joining the Thespian Society. Going to Morehead State University as just a Junior in high school opens doors not only for my aspirations of becoming a researcher, but expands the opportunities to apply my talents to make the Academy

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