How Tkam Character Changes Essay

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Many characters changed in TKM but who do you think changed mostly? In the book many characters change of course from beginning to end once they learn lessons or learn better understanding of things like Jem. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Jem has changed the most because as the book goes on Jem grows older and starts to go into puberty as all boys do.

Jem started changing at home when he was about twelve years old and at first he just wanted to be alone all the time. In the beginning of chapter 12 Scout says “he was difficult to live with, inconsistent, moody. His appetite was appalling, and he told me so many times to stop pestering him,” so she did but didn’t exactly know why he was acting this way. (153) Jem was starting to change into a young adult so he left all his things behind when he did when he was smaller. To explain, he doesn’t want to play with Scout so he stays in his room all the time and as Calpurnia says he is going to do what boys do now. He is way older than Scout so of course he is the one who is going to change first and these were the few steps leading him into a
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Scout started a between her, Aunty, and Atticus and it was causing more stress with Atticus and when Jem overheard Jem told Scout to leave Aunty alone. When Scout figured Jem was telling to do something she didn’t like it very much but Jem got angry and told her “now I mean it, Scout, you antagonize Aunty and I’ll-I’ll spank you” which is something an older adult would do like Atticus. (184) Now that Jem is different and more mature, he tries to calm down Scout in his own way so the situation doesn’t get bigger. By doing this Scout thinks that Jem is now telling her what to do and when she throws a fit he tells her she’s going to hit her. Jem is the most changed character from chapter one all the way to chapter thirty-one by yelling at Scout and telling her what to
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