How To Abolish The Electoral College

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With the Electoral College people are “Ignoring New York, California and Texas or nearly 30% of the population”(Passage 3) People may not even get to choose who they vote for. With the electoral vote it makes states like Ohio more important than Rhode Island because it is a “swing state.” The process for the Electoral College is not even the same in some of the states because each state has it’s own rules. It also makes elections so much more complicated than it needs to be. The Electoral College takes away power from the people, and that is the foundation that this country was supposed to be built on. The Electoral College should be discontinued because it gets rid of the people’s power that they have in the nation, it makes makes it so that every vote is an important vote, and the whole Electoral College system is messed up since each state has their own rules.…show more content…
Johnson’s election as Vice President in 1836 was decided in the Senate after twenty-three Virginia electors did not vote for him for personal reasons.” The people wanted to vote for Richard M. Johnson but since the Electoral College did not like him, for personal reasons, the electors decided not to take the people’s opinion and instead they did what they did what they wanted. (Passage 1) “When you vote for your candidate you are actually voting for your candidate’s electors.” When you are voting for your choice of President you are not directly voting for who you want, so the power of voting is taken from the people and it is given to the Electoral College or electors. Not only does the Electoral College take people’s power away it also makes the place you live in decide if your vote is actually important or
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