How To Achieve Success In Gladwell's Outliers

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Gladwell’s novel Outliers offers various theories for becoming a successful person- an outlier. Accepting opportunities, working hard, relying on others- all these concepts contribute to success. Gladwell discusses several successful people in his book Outliers to substantiate his ideas of how to achieve success. Eliud Kipchoge, one of the world’s fastest marathoners, overtly depicts how hard work and assistance from others led him to his arrant success. Eliud Kipchoge emulates Gladwell’s theories by relying on peers and his unwavering dedication to reach outlying success.
In Gladwell’s Outliers, Bill Gates’ success supports Gladwell’s claim that others greatly influence it. For instance, Gladwell (2008) shares how peers influenced his programming
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In chapter nine, Gladwell shares the an account of Marita. Marita had an indubitably fecund opportunity that changed her life- she won the lottery to go to KIPP- a culminating elementary schools. However, if it were not for Maurita’s hard work and commitment to learning she would not have achieved the success that she did. Gladwell (2008) explains that for students, “The beginning is hard...Part of it is endurance, part of it is motivation” (261). Students have the opportunity to go to an amazing school, but ultimately they have to work hard and apply themselves to be an outlier. In relation to Eliud Kipchoge’s success, Eliud has no doubt put in the work just as Marita did. Dennehy (2016) shares, “A little before 5 a.m. each day, in a small village… one of the world’s most talented marathoners rolls out of bed, slowly shakes the sleep from his eyes and gets ready to run—fast. A member of Kipchoge’s running camp, Kamworor, they says, “He is always the most disciplined” (p. 1). Kipchoge puts all his time, energy, and strength into becoming a consummate athlete. His pertinacious work ethic and inordinate dedication to the sport manifests his sumptuous success. Just as Marita worked hard to excel in school, Kipchoge emulates the same principles to reach success. Gladwell’s novel Outliers presents theories of success that apply to real-life, successful people such as Eliud Kipchoge. Gladwell uses Bill Gates and Marita to represent success resulting from others and individual determination. This relates to Eliud Kipchoge- a world-class marathoner- because if it were not for the people in his life and his unremitting dedication to running, he would not have achieved the success he has today. Because of Eliud’s ability to rely on others and his insatiable desire to do his best, he has truly become an indubitable

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