How To Achieve Success In The Lesson By Harlon L. Dalton

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The two stories illustrate that African-Americans are not given an equal chance in terms of gaining opportunities for a successful life. However, it may be possible that one key factor among all can develop a whole problematic image on success and why White Americans think of the African-American society as to not having the capability for a chance towards success. At the time, the economy could have been at a huge disadvantage for the African-Americans because majority of them did not have the chance to rise up from it in terms of creating revenue for themselves. The whole world around them built this image and it is hard to come out of when no one can give opportunities for them to improve and grow. Harlon L. Dalton expresses how unfair the …show more content…

Just by that one judgement a whole assumption is made. This does not make sense to Dalton because it goes against the myth and how everyone and thing is equal when this shows it is not. Dalton wants this to be a thing of the past and work toward a fairer distribution of wealth and prosperity for everyone rather than argue about it. This is also shown in the other story, “The Lesson”, where it shows how Sylvia is talking with Ms. Moore questioning about money and it states that, “And Miss Moore asking us do we know what money is, like we a bunch of retards” (266). The situation shows how money is not only a key issue at the time, but to the point where it is not noticeable on how poor they really are. Miss Moore knows that Sylvia and the others face a disadvantage economically and try to throw a hint towards them about the issue, but no one seems to care. Everything that they have financially does not bother them, but to prove a point this shows how unfair the country was at the time. It was not possible to achieve success and live the dream when it is not even noticeable to

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