How To Achieve The American Dream Essay

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All Americans have an equal opportunity to achieve their American dream. The American Dream is different for everyone. For some it means a house to call your own, a family, and peace of mind. For others, it means money and a fancy car. No matter what your definition of the American dream is you can obtain it with hard work, getting the proper education, and making the best of the situation that you are presented. Some people feel that if you come from a background that other have come from and don’t have a good track record with being very successful. In America, we are lucky enough to have many different kinds of assistance. Some examples of this are SNAP and reduced or free lunches in schools. In 2010-11 34.5% of students in Connecticut…show more content…
One of these things is to make the best of the situation that you are presented with. Not everyone comes from the same background, some live in New York city in a penthouse apartment while others live on a farm in the heart of Texas. There have been people who have come from backgrounds that aren’t the best who have still succeeded. One example of this is Leonardo DiCaprio who grew up in a neighborhood filled with drugs and prostitution and look where he is now. If you don’t let bad surroundings become who you are, you can do anything you set your mind to. If you stick with what will allow you to achieve your American Dream you can get far in…show more content…
For some this means finishing high school, and for others it means getting their PHD. Nowadays, to be able to get the job you want or to earn money towards your dream requires an education. Different levels of education can offer different opportunities. For example, a high school degree, or its equivalent, can help you to get a job such as a mechanic or a heavy equipment operator. With additional training you could become an electrician or a plumber. If you want to become something such as a doctor or a veterinarian, you would need to go to a four year college, medical school, and the additional internships that go along with these desired
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