How To Achieve Work Life Balance

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Issue : Tips to Achieve Realistic Work-Life Balance


In order to achieve a realistic work-life balance, you need to get mindless. Your life does not only consists of work and family. Your life also includes relaxing activities that can recharge you. These activities are important for your mental and also physical health. These activities can also help to enhance your problem solving skills and spontaneous creativity. Besides that, you need to use your calendar well. You can always add non-work activities to our schedule. You will be more committed to the activity and follow it when it is recorded in your schedule. You also need to reduce family time stress in order to achieve work-life balance. It does not matter what kind of activities
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It clearly shows that a good condition of work-life balance will significantly impact employees’ quality of life and career accomplishments. With work-life balance, employees will have more satisfaction on life. Employees will always appreciate what they have and be more responsible on the duty given by employers. Besides, work- life balance will enable to spend more quality time with their family and not just concentrating on their work. This can earn them their family’s support in their career. The support given from the employees’ family will encourage them to be more focused on their job hence improving their job performance. Furthermore, a proper work-life balance will decrease challenges with parenting and control of children and adolescents for the employees. So, employees will not have to worry about their children when they are at work. Thus, with healthy work-life balance, productivity of job will increase and employers will be able to monitor and evaluate employees’ performance efficiently. So, the plans made by the company will be able to go smoothly as…show more content…
For example, a human resource manager can allow few sessions of 20 minutes break from work every day. Taking breaks at work will allow employees to recharge themselves mentally and physically and they will feel less burned out. In long term, this can lead to increase of production at work as employees will be able to be more focused at work. During the short breaks, a human resource manager can interact with other employees to get a better understanding of their life. For example, they can ask about employees’ non-working matters and get to know if there is any problem that is stressing out the employee and affecting the employees’ concentration at work. If there is any, a human resource manager can give some tips on how to achieve work-life balance to the employees to help them solve their problems. Human resource managers can also utilize the breaks to give suggestions to employees to help them maintain a proper work-life balance. Thus, employees can share the tips among themselves and the employees who are shy to ask will be able to get a share on the tips
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