Important Changes In Project Management

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Changes that occur to an organisation will definitely affect the ongoing projects. As change is unavoidable, a project manager must be flexible with management practices and technology. A project is not permanent and has a defined start and end, hence, a defined scope and resources. A project is distinctive, however it has one main goal to be fulfilled. A project team tends to comprise of people who may not be from the same department, and sometimes people from different organisations, sometimes even from different nationalities. Project management is then the application of skills, knowledge, tools and methods to project activities to gather the project requirements (, n.d.).

In the current stiff economy, senior management needs to
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Such as time management, going over the budget, inability to get along with co-workers, corrective actions, extra unneeded effort of workers, unclear priorities and poor team morale. Due to these possible ramifications and more of such project management, project management is a vital aspect to the success of a project. With an effective project management, it aids in meeting or exceeding customer expectations, and gives ultimate use of resources and build a strong foundation of confidence for more upcoming projects.
In my personal experience, to have a successful project, you have to follow a planned project management life cycle. Any and all projects can be supported with the project management life cycle. It helps to keep objectives clear, and also to help manage time and budget for the project. According to (Picariello, 2016), project management life cycle consists of five steps that are vital for every part of the project. They are Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring/Control and
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All organisation has to consider factors such as time and budget. Only with proper consideration of the factors in project management process, will the business succeed with results. So project management is important in business to meet the vital essence of projects.
In conclusion, only through proper project management process or using proper management tool can an organisation close the cavity. Through the application of project management, organisations are able to focus further on project necessities by categorising it into the five phases of the project management life cycle process.
Project management is increasing in importance as companies strive to gain competitive advantage in today's tough business environment. "Timing and product development cycles are crucial. Project implementation has become a critical aspect of managing assets and resources effectively," says Russ Novak, director of consulting at Arc Advisory Group, Dedham, Mass. "A small drop-off in effectiveness can put a company at a distinct competitive disadvantage. It can negatively affect market share and the bottom line." (Greengard,
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