How To Am Summer Narrative Essay

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The title makes me feel like writing a memoir.
A lot of things happened last summer vacation, I’m not telling a story but a part of my life.
After the ending day of the college entrance exam I thought I would be free like a little bird, everything I had ever thirsted for would come to my eyes.
I have thought about ask my girlfriend if she would come out and have a drink with me. I have hesitated for a long time that a flower could grow and fall. After a week when there is a ACG exhibition in our city, I determined to make a phone call to her. But after that fucking great exhibition we broke up. You could never imagine how sad I were. When she asked me if we could break up, I feel waves in my stomach are striking my heart
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I found girls wears more sexy on exhibition, every time when I see them and talk to them I feel excited. They are so outgoing that make me so nervous when I talk with them for the first time, I have nearly no courage to ask their name but I still asked. We became very good friends afterwards. Gradually, I could talk with them easily. i believed there is no fault in men to be fond of women, the sentence is from my favorite anime.
Time goes slowly ,suddenly one day I was reminded I shall go to school in these few days, I’m so surprised that apple in my mouth fell down to the floor with a sound “PA”. I was stunned by the big surprise for about a minute. Then the Great Ken’s trip came to an end, which made me so sad. How fast time goes….I haven’t enjoyed my life enough while someone told me you should go to school. Then I packed everything I wanted to bring and went to school……FEELING NOT VERY GOOD.
May be it is just a ordinary summer vacation however it made me became less naïve and more realistic, I would never forget it. Now I’m writing this essay about that summer, I feel not very happy, but I would say: I’m very

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