Pros And Cons Of Attracting A Married Woman

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Who in their right mind would wonder how to attract a married woman? Love is blind, and flings happen. You discover that the woman is married only after falling for her. You know the woman is married, but still fall for her. You might be looking for a fling, whereas, another gentleman might be looking for a commitment with a married woman. Whatever the scenario is, the only question hovering over your mind would be, how to attract a married woman? Here are some tips that could come in handy if you do fall for a woman and later realize that she is married.

How to Attract a Married Woman - Tips

Acknowledge and appreciate; often
A married woman is often unappreciated at home, so anyone who acknowledges her work, and appreciates her doesn’t go
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In such cases, women may just want a discrete, secretive relationship that may not result in a divorce with her husband. If she knows that you’re the discrete guy with whom she can risk spending time without affecting her marriage, then you need not ask people how to attract a married woman. You have got this right.

Don’t remind her of her husband
If the woman is in an unhappy marriage, the answer to the question, “how to attract a married woman?” is to learn her husband’s weakness and just be the opposite. If he’s boring, you be the fun boyfriend. If he’s not a good listener, you be the boyfriend who’s all ears. If he is a workaholic, show her how much you notice her. If he’s not appreciative, show her how grateful you are. If he’s dishonest, you show her you’re not.

Let her be herself
Sometimes, just treating her like a single woman and focusing on her without asking about her family can do the trick. Be attentive to her, and talk about her likes and interests. Take time in connecting with her. Then, give her some time to miss you. Give her some space after you show interest in her. Wait until she gets back to you by not bothering her frequently. Don’t ever make the mistake of stalking her and creeping her
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