How To Attract Women In The Great Gatsby

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Want to attract a companion? Sorry to tell you, but you need to be rich in order to be attractive. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald this is how men in the story attract women. The first reason is women in the story fall for men with money. One example of this is that Daisy did not marry Gatsby seeing he was poor at that time; instead, she married Tom, who was rich. Daisy’s priority was to be with someone who had money, so even though her heart was for Gatsby, Daisy decided to follow the money instead. The quote to support this reasoning is when Daisy said “ rich girls don't marry poor boys”(Fitzgerald 93). This quote explains the idea that woman fall for men with money, Daisy loving Gatsby, though he was broke and Tom had money she chose money…show more content…
The first example is when Gatsby came back home and bought a house on the bay right next to Daisy. Gatsby just came back to town, decided to spend his money to impress Daisy . My second example is when Daisy went to Gatsby's house and saw all the expensive clothes and materialistic objects. Daisy ended up crying because they were so beautiful and Gatsby’s plan worked, Daisy said “It makes me sad because I've never seen such-such beautiful shirts before”(Fitzgerald 115). This quote supports it because Gatsby attracted Daisy by his expensive clothes which Daisy never seen before. The Last example is Tom moves to the richest part of town, East Egg where he bought a house for daisy to attract her, to marry her as well. In order for Daisy to stay with Tom, Tom decided to buy an expensive house in the rich neighborhood. After all the ideas shared, how do you feel about this? Money attracts a woman instead of your own talents. Many characters in The Great Gatsby express or explain this idea that money attracts, from Daisy picking money over love to Gastby attracting Daisy with his clothes and his house. In the real world this doesn't
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