How To Avoid Concussions In Football?

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The National Football League (NFL) is one of Americas greatest past time, and although this sport has brought many people closer together, there are devastating events starting to surface about this breathtaking sport, and the athletes that play it. Concussions are becoming a problem in the NFL and also at football at every level. Many people are starting to see the effects of it, which is a concerning for the NFL. The NFL has done a lot to change the outcome of concussions, and they have also come up with numerous rules and techniques for players to use to protect themselves and others, and to put a stop to traumatic injuries these athletes are facing. The game of football has seen its share of major and minor injuries; players have broken legs, ankles, arms, and some have even torn ligaments in their bodies. Many manage to recover from those injuries, but concussions are different. “The CDC defines a concussion as a type of traumatic brain…show more content…
Kevin Seifert, on ESPN NFL Nation states that over 200 players had concussions in the 2015 season, 271 to be exact. This number is outrageously high compared to the previous seasons (Seifert, 2015). Looking at the numbers most people would say the NFL has done nothing to change the outcome of this situation, but those are the same people that sit in the stands game after game cheering on their favorite teams, not even caring or thinking about the risk those players are taking snap after snap, game after game until the “injury” or “concussions” happens, and according to the Concussion Legacy Foundation, concussions can have a long term effect on players who suffer multiple concussion, or who do not treat them properly, called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
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