How To Avoid Driver Less Cars Essay

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As of late there has been a lot of talk about driver-less cars. They are said to be safer, more secure, and just better in general. According to the Center for Disease Control fatalities from traffic incidents kill 33,000 people annually. Because of this a greater push for safer cars has been made. But are autonomous cars the right way to go? They are unsafe, unpredictable, and will eliminate jobs.

Driver-less cars are unpredictable. Split second decision making while driving is difficult for humans, but for self-driving cars, they don 't have the capacity to weigh the value of life or the risks of certain decisions. Also bad weather can be a problem. The driver less cars use cameras and laser sensors to stay within the lanes, heavy rain and snow are problematic because the lane dividers are difficult to see so the car won 't be able to tell where it 's lane is, therefore, causing accidents.

Driver-less cars will eliminate jobs. Mechanics, gasoline companies, taxi services, all put out of work because of
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Driver less cars are unsafe. Hackers could hijack self driving cars and control them remotely. The cars will become more technological, allowing hackers to access personal information such as home address and even bee able to tell when there is nobody at the address leading to more burglaries. There will be another level of terrorism, terrorists could hack into the cars and drive them into buildings and populated areas. Another reason they are unsafe is because the use cameras and laser sensors to stay in lanes and because of bad weather can cause more accidents than humans would during dangerous weather. Human error is also a part of it, we make mistakes as human beings and we would program the cars, therefore, there would be errors in the technology which means glitches and malfunctions. If other technologies fail such as traffic lights the autonomous cars would not account human traffic signals because it is programmed to follow regular traffic
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