How To Ban Smoking In Public Places Essay

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We all can live longer and healthy life if we reduced the rate of smoking in our society, We can live longer if we finish cigarettes or banned all those people who smoke in a public places.

I feel very strongly that smoking in a public places should be banned because there are a lot of negative affect of smoking in a public. Many places are stuffy and smells like weed. Many people are suffering in this bad habits. Many parents do not feel safe for their kids to go out because there are various health diseases can occur.

First of all, smoking is not good for anyone. It contains many other chemicals which cause to dead. In Fact, All of this chemicals mix together and form a sticky tar. Many people start smoking to show off others or some people smoke because they want to release their stressed. But these people are not aware of its negative effects. They do not know that smoking in a public place can be dangerous for other. When smoker smokes a cigarette in a public place they are not just hurting themselves, but others around them. Moreover, when you
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They can imitate those people who smoke in a public and when they start following those people then it leads to many diseases in adolescents. There are thousand of teenagers addicted with cigarette by looking others. Most of the teengaers smoke because they thinks that smoking make their personality awesome. As a teenager I should concern about myself and I do not not want to be in this environment because I do not want to be influence or get disease from this environment. According to Scientific method, Teenager’s brains are very sensitive and often influence by other people easily. Teenagers brains are very different than adults. They are most likely to get influence in bad habits because our brains are still growing and changing. Therefore, if we show this environment around them then it would definitely have negative impact on
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