How To Be A Global Citizen Essay

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A few years ago, traveling to another country seemed a distant dream to achieve in my life. I was working and studying, and when the opportunity knocked my door, I did not think my English skills were not very well developed, or the money I had in my bank account was not enough to pay my expanses for the trip. The only though I had was “I am capable!” In addition, I really wanted the chance to be part of something bigger because I felt like I did not belong to only one town in Brazil, or I had to live my whole life speaking the same language. Then, I took the chance to find out what global citizen would mean in real experience. According to researchers, being a global citizen means being aware of facts, either national or international,…show more content…
From that moment, I understood what global citizen would really mean to me, and how learning other languages could change not only you but also the world itself. Many people, many cultures and one same particularity: language. Speaking more than one language increases the capacity of the brain to develop new connections and consequently, the capacity of our body to learn and improve the ability to process and recognize information. For example, during our lives, we are constantly perusing our dreams and to achieve them, multilingualism become an important step. Multilingualism can shape how our hearts are involved in our potential projects either personal or professional! Being able to communicate when I was living abroad taught me how to better listen to other people, process the information concisely, discuss with enthusiasm, argue with coherence and sometimes teach about my culture and my beliefs. Thanks to the opportunity to be in another country, I have today friends all over the world who I can exchange experiences we live every

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