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How to be a Latin lover How to be a Latin lover is an American comedy film made in 2017 directed by Ken Marino, Filled with dramatic character, preposterous humor and not your average scenes. After, losing his father in an accident. Maximo (Hispanic comedy star Eugenio Derbez) decides he will settle for wealthy women giving him the advantage of not having to work and having it all. After, being dumped for a younger man Maximo must now get a divorce from his 80-yr. old wife Peggy (Renee Taylor) which he married intentionally for money. Having nowhere to go and no work experience Maximo now has no choice but to seek shelter with his estranged sister Sara (Hollywood actress Salma Hayek). Upon, Maximo’s arrival Sara’s shocked to hear from…show more content…
The characters had a different aspect that most wouldn’t understand. According, to Claudia Puig in her review she stated, “to much time is spent on these humorless subplots”, Actually, the statement is incorrect. The intention of the “humorless subplots” as she says is more based on double meaning. Depending on how well one understands what’s happening is how the humor begins. Although, “there are some funny bits and pieces scattered amid the proceeding” (Leydon). Especially in the scene where Sara and Maximo try to salsa dance a depressing song while singing at the top of their lungs, waking up Hugo in the middle of the…show more content…
According to Susan Wloszczyna, she states, “Do we really need a south of the border answer to Adam Sandler… a sort of Deuce Bigelow Hispanic gigolo? I vote no, even if the actor now and then flashes a bit clownish”. Yes, we do. Even, though the actor seems clownish it’s what makes his acting more interesting. The fact that he played a Hispanic male gigolo brought out the irony to now’s future. Instead, of men working and the women being the at home enjoying the life, it was the total opposite. In this film its content isn’t your average story plot, making scenarios interesting for the audience to pay attention to pay attention. The scene where Maximo tries to teach 6 yr old Hugo how to flirt with girls is a great example of how “directing the broader physical comedy and sweeter bonding sequences between Maximo and Hugo… distant personalities never manage to coalesce into self-contained whole” (Rechtshaffen). Apparently, the film “has commitment issues in its desire to be outrages comedy and tender family” (Rechtshaffen) with having both types of entertainment featured in the movie its throws in a couple twist. Overall How to be a Latin lover is a must-see film complete with dramatic character, preposterous humor and you’re not average scenes. With that being said, watch the movie, kick up your feet and enjoy this hilarious comedy film that will have you

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