How To Become A Veterinarian Essay

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Veterinarian: Helping Your Best Friends Do your pets mean a lot to you? Do you want them to always be taken care of? Do you have a subtle feeling that you can do things to help animals? Becoming a veterinarian might be something you should look into. The first official veterinary medicine school opened in Lyons, France, in 1761. In the U.S. the first veterinary medicine school opened in 1852 (“Veterinarian” Occupational 2). When I was a little girl I realized that I would do anything to help animals, and I mean anything, even going to school for eight years after high school! Helping animals and caring for them has always been a priority for me. In order to fully understand the work of becoming a veterinarian it is important to look at the general job description, the required education, and the salary and job demand. As a veterinarian one is going to have multiple responsibilities everyday. It is very important to have a good…show more content…
Veterinarians handle everything from routine treatments to emergencies, such as late night appointments and emergency surgeries (Shorto 1). Veterinarians also examine animals, run blood tests, do x-rays, and diagnose illnesses (“Veterinarian” Career Cruising 1-2). Most veterinarians also treat diseases and injuries, perform small surgeries, and vaccinate animals. One disadvantage of being a veterinarian is the work hours, veterinarians are on call 24 hours a day, this could lead to long nights and an average of fifty or more hours a week. Veterinarians have to be very observant, they spend almost all day looking for abnormalities so they can help their patients. “By searching around a little you can find a veterinarian who will use their skills effectively” (Young 13). Being a veterinarian is not all about your love of animals though, “It’s important to love animals of course. But you also need to be fascinated by medicine” (Wright

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