How To Be Good At Basketball

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How to be good at basketball Many people know how to play basketball. However, explain basketball is easy but have to work. Workout everyday and shoot around for like at least 2 hours get your firm right your shoot will be good. The first step is to shoot 20 free throws and run 5 laps down and back the court. Now shoot five 3 pointers on 5 different places at the 3 point line. Then, you take a break and sit down for 15 minutes and get a little rest. Now you jog 3 laps. The next step is to do a 30 layups down and back on the court. Many kids think layups are hard just hit the square on the back board. After that shoot where the box on the free throw shoot 20 right side with right hand then, shoot 20 left side left hand. Now you shoot
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