Persuasive Essay Against Death Penalty

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Think that you have the switch to stop the terror bomb underneath a bridge overloaded with cars full of people. Does it make sense for you not to press it? It is also a same problem with death penalty’s legalization. No intention to make myself a barbarian, but death penalty is a system needed for this society. Thinking about how disordered this world is, death penalty is a good solution to solve crimes related to murder and sexual offence, which are soiling this world. If it is such a good solution, why not used it earlier? Death penalty has been a controversy, because of the fact that it violates criminals’ rights. However, if we think about it backwards, they cannot judge that it violates human rights; it is them who first violated innocent people’s rights. Besides, there are other reasons to support my idea, and furthermore persuade you.
First, it stops and prevents furthermore
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Some say it is just not suitable for this society, where constitution guarantees the human rights, and the conception that human rights are equally applied to every human being, exists. On the other hand, some say that death penalty is needed to clean and organize this world contaminated by crimes, and is a tool to make an ideal, crime-free world. I cannot deny that human rights are important, but if we keep pushing with human rights, nothing would be done to save furthermore victims, and that is basically out of its purpose to guarantee human rights; victims’ rights will be violated by death, and that is not a result wanted. It might not make sense, but we have to follow the utilitarianism, which encourages sacrifice of the small and less, for the big and many. We can save furthermore victims in future, use taxes in places where really need it, and comfort every family who suffers from such tragedies like family member’s death, by using death penalty for violent
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