How To Become A Holocaust Survivor

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I’ve read many Holocaust survivor stories, but yours really grabbed my attention. Your story had so much deep meaning that got me thinking. You never gave up. Nothing could stop you from saving your family. You were always loyal towards your family and never gave up even when the worst could’ve happened. You made sure that your family was together for as long as you could no matter what obstacle was set in front of you. It was unbelieveable that you had enough determination and strength to take care of your mother and sister in the concentration camps you went to. You did everything and anything to make sure that your family was safe and healthy for as long as possible even if that meant you could be risking your health which I found extremely admirable. When your mother sadly died, I believe it was very strong of you to still make sure your sister lived even when your sister was at her lowest point and was ill, could barely walk, you didn’t even think the worst of the situation. You…show more content…
Did you feel as if there was any pressure on you to take care of your family and to make sure you and your family came out alive? If I was ever in your position I would feel so stressed out and wouldn’t have any hope in the situation, yet you stayed positive throughout your whole ordeal. When you were led out of the concentration camps and all of the Holocaust survivors including you and your sister found the British soldiers along with all the food they had brought for you guys, how did that that make you feel seeing all that food laying in front of you after such a long time surviving off of food scraps and what was your first reaction to finally being free? It completely astounds me of what you had to experience. Did your experience at the concentration camps have an effect on who you are today as a person and did it change your views of anything? I’m sure it had a big impact on who you are
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