How To Become An Extracurricular Activities Essay

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Teaching a child to become active at an early age will enhance their life skills. Many parents do not stress the importance of being active to their children because they are not active themselves. Childhood obesity will continue to be a problem if children do not start participating in extracurricular activities. It is the parent’s responsibility to find an activity their child can participate in if the child is not old enough to find an activity themselves. There are many benefits the child can gain just by participating in an extracurricular activity. Children can learn significant life lessons by joining a team activity, such as time management, networking, and leadership skills, which allows them to develop better communication skills and increase their confidence level.
Time management is a valuable skill everyone should exhibit. Learning how to manage time at an early age will increase children’s confidence and help prepare them for adulthood. Children will feel confident when they have to be at a certain place at a certain time. Joining an extracurricular activity will help children learn how to
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Children who join activities will gain friendships with their teammates that was last a lifetime. They will always have those memories to share later in life. If the child decides to continue playing the activity, then they will meet more people throughout high school. This will give them a chance to meet new people they will not have a chance to meet, otherwise. The child could have the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds which will give them a chance to learn about the diverse way of life. This will also improve their communication skills when talking to their teammates. A team must learn to communicate effectively in order for them to win games. These connections that are being made between the child, and the teammate could possibly lead to a future job for one of the
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