How To Become An Obstetrician

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Money! How am I going to achieve that? Well some of the goals that I have for my successful future is to study and go to college. I want be an obstetrician so I can deliver happy babies. The priorities that I need is to study, get good grades. I need to read high level books to have better vocabulary. Math is important because you know what teachers say math is everywhere. I need to work on my spelling and writing so I can write the perfect conference papers. I also need to go to medical school for four years and another two years for my residency, so by the time I 'm a successful women I’ll be 28 years old. To start now I should start learning about the body in science. There are three steps to become an obstetrician. The first step is to complete medical school. The second is to complete residency. Last but not least, I will need to obtain licensure.…show more content…
To be someone. It wouldn 't cost me anything it’s just an audition. You have to have talent and personality. If I ever get in, the first thing I would ask if I could do the Mickey Mouse sign and this is what i would say, “Hi I’m Vivian and I’m from “That 's So Raven” and you’re watching Disney Channel”. Ya that 's been my dream. I would get paid $10,000 or $25,000 per episode. Think about it, I am going to be famous and earn a lot of money just for acting and pretending. I’ll even be on the cover of a magazine or in commercials.
I love luxury but it is very expensive! In order to buy I need a lot of money, so one of my priorities is to work hard and get a good job to be able to buy the Gucci bags I want. I think that the main thing I need to do is just study, ask questions and just stay positive.
These are my future goals and priorities just a quick reminder to myself when I read this again say happy and follow your dreams and get that Gucci bag you

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