How To Become Your Best Friends Essay

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Why Is It Not Everybody Can Become Your Best Friends?
During our lifetime, people around us tend to come and go from our life especially friends. We may have some good friends in a certain period; however, as time passes by friendship fades away and new friends come into your life circle. For instance, initially you may have a clique of five good friends supporting one another; yet, can you ensure that all these five good friends of yours will always stay together? I would say that it is possible that the friendship will last long and yet reality is that, not everybody is meant to be in our live for a long time.
We as an individual have our own lifestyle, and as time passes by we might have our own family and career which may lead friendship that is not strong enough end easily. This is because that we can hardly contact one another or stay in touch as we are busying dealing with our own life.
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There is a few friendship of mine just end without any warning. For example, we are best friends for 5 years, after graduation from high school, we choose different course to further studies and most of time we can hardly meet one another and we just lost contact. At that moment, I do not understand why I just lost my friends like this and I doubted myself a lot. However, now I found my answer after taking up this subject which helps me a lot more in understanding what actually friendship meant. I realised that besides putting effort in maintaining a good friendship, it is important that we are sincere and trust each other, understand each other, sharing common interest, giving advice or guidance and also social supports (emotional support, advice support and material support). When we are more likely to be similar to one another, I feel that it is easier to continue and maintain a long lasting

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