How To Break An Unjust Essay

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Sometimes it is best to understand the law first before obeying it. When one thinks a law is unjust, they will go out of their way to go against it and do something about it. At a certain point, one doesn’t have to act accordingly to what they don’t believe in, but they can’t do whatever pleases them. There has been many controversies involving the act of non violence civil disobedience. Although most feel like breaking an unjust law might be the best solution to what they think is right, in reality, I agree to the fact that people are afraid to face the consequences that are given after their actions. We the people, have the freedom to believe in what we may think is right. People undertake the act of civil disobedience when a controversy…show more content…
The government expects us to follow the rules and go by them. Wanting change may lead to unsatisfactory upon some citizens. Change also affects the lives of many and that they may disagree with one’s argument on a certain law. As Martin Luther King Jr. stated in his letter, “ with willingness to accept penalty,” he says how he wouldn’t charge with an act of violence but to deal with the penalty in order to call attention from the people (Martin Luther King Jr. 37-38). He wants the people to notice and realize injustice the law is. However, there is nothing wrong with fighting against something that feels unjust, but fighting sometimes may lead to destruction within the public. The law shouldn’t be based off of just the people’s opinions but also what the government think is best. It’s acceptable to do what is right but many are afraid to stand up to the the government due to the fact that they have more power. Therefore, people may see going against an unjust law as something to avoid because of the aftereffect they will be having to face. Furthermore, It is right to oppose something that is unjust. Individuals should do what they best believe is right in their opinions but laws shouldn’t be fully subjected by the people only or else it may lead to future conflicts and misleading mistakes. Overall, by desired changes, it causes destructive tension for
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