How To Build A Flower Bed Essay

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How to Build a New Flower Bed

The most elaborately designed flower bed won't look good if the plants are not appropriate for their planting site. Building a new flower bed starts with an atheistically pleasing bed shape, then adding flowers that are appropriate for the planting site in terms of soil, sun, water and growth space requirements. Use these tips for building a new flower bed so that your investment of sweat, elbow grease and money will pay off for years to come. Flower Bed Location
Decide on the location where the new flower bed will be created and observe how the sunlight hits the location throughout the day. When possible observe the potential site location for a full year to discover how the sun and shade hit the area during
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Create the size and shape you want and bear in mind that when done correctly, a flower bed will add curb appeal and value to your home.
Draw a Sketch
With the location chosen and the shape and size defined by a water hose, draw a sketch of the flower bed. A rough outline that is close to scale size is all that's needed so the right plants can be chosen and planted in the right places. This will give you a means of 'planting’ flowers on paper until you get them in just the right spot. It's much easy to erase pencil marks on paper than to dig up and transplant flowers after planting.
Regardless of the size and shape you have designed for your flower bed, always place the tallest plants in the back as a backdrop and work your way forward with shorter plants.
Mark on the sketch where short plants are desired and where the taller flowers will be appropriate. Mark off spaces on the sketch where any vines, shrubs or trees may be desired. Make note of how the sunlight hits each section of the new flower bed. If any non-growing garden additions will be placed in the flower bed like a garden bench, bird bath, rocks, etc., include them in the flower bed sketch

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